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Wellness Retreats For Women; Girlfriend Getaways

Girlfriend Getaways

Wellness and Beauty

Retreats for Women

Improve Your Inner and Outer Self on Your Next Vacation

By Terry Ward

Girlfriend getaways wellness retreats

Plan a wellness retreat for your next girlfriend getaway.

Curious women travelers find myriad reasons for hitting the road.

Perhaps it's to dabble in learning a foreign language,or to partake in a cooking class in Thailand. Maybe it's to volunteer in an orphanage, or to experience the great American road trip with a good friend.

Whatever your pleasure, treating yourself to the trip of a lif

etime is sure to feel like the ultimate indulgence. And the pleasure is all the more palpable when self-improvement in the form of a wellness or beauty retreat is on the itinerary.

Wellness retreats as a travel niche are a growing trend for women looking to incorporate guaranteed downtime into their vacat

ions. After all, the last thing we need is to return from a vacation feeling exhausted from all the enforced sightseeing and "fun."

From adventure-oriented forays in America's great West to more overtly spiritual sagas in settings as distant as In

dia, there's no shortage of travel opportunities where focusing on improving your mind, body and soul are the only mandatory activities -- and it's up to you to dictate the order of importance.

Wellness retreats are rarely easy on the wallet, but remind yourself that no matter where you travel and what you

do, seeing the planet and improving your inner and outer self along the way is nothing short of a worthwhile, worldly investment.

Spiritual Journeys in Sedona and the Grand Canyon
Girlfriend Getaways in Sedona.The focus of this seven-day trip with Gutsy Women Travel is to get a new lease on your spirit and recharge your soul while taking in some of the American

West's most iconic sights. The tour starts in Las Vegas, but rest assured, you'll depart from Sin City in a flash to head to more mellow locales. The itinerary visits the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Red Rocks, and, along the way, you'll interact with a life coach, learn local lore from an American Indian guide and partake in a fireside chat with an author schooled in how to calm your mind while expanding your consciousness. A yoga session on the rocks of Sedona and a tour of the mystical vortices -- said to be the power points of Earth's energy -- are also on the agenda, as are introductions to Reiki, meals featuring edible flowers and an American India

n saging ceremony to cleanse your spirit. The price -- $2,299 per person -- does not include your return flight to Las Vegas, but does cover all lodging, meals, activities and transfers.

Yoga and Eco Wellness Tours in Costa Rica
Central America's most well-touristed country, Costa Rica boasts vast jungles and volcanic topography fringed by rugged oceanfront that make it a magnet for all sorts of visitors -- from surfers and hikers, to bird-watchers and budget European backpacker

s. But despite the tourist crowds, there's no lack of quiet, soul-stirring places in this beautiful nation situated between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, making Costa Rica a major destination for wellness tours. Lux World Travel, a tour agent based in Rochester, NY, offers women-only wellness retreats that m

ix yoga classes and meditation with eco-minded discovery outings. Seven-night packages include lodging in your own casita at an enviro-friendly boutique hotel, daily yoga classes, evening meditation sessions and eco-adventures, with your choice of surfing, jungle tours or horseback riding on the itinerary. All-organic meals are included in the package price, which starts at $1,295 per person (airfare to San Jose and gratuities not included). For additional fees, you can enhance the wellness aspect of your trip with many d

ifferent therapies, which may include energy-balancing with Tibetan singing bowls, volcanic clay detoxification therapy or consultations with a nutritionist about how to make positive diet changes and incorporate herbal remedies into your personal health plan.

Beauty and Wellness Retreats in Asheville, NC
Girlfriend Getaways Blue Ridge Mountains

Asheville is the East Coast's answer to places like Boulder, CO, or Half Moon Bay, CA -- a sublimely scenic mountain town in the Blue Ridge range that is a magnet for artists, writers, yoga gurus, crystal healers and general lovers of Mother Nature. And if you're looking for a great way to spend some female bonding time with your best girls while incorporating pampering in the equation, Appalachian Spa Ventures has just what the beauty doctor ordered. The Asheville Girls Relaxation Getaway gets you two nights lodging in a bed and breakfast or a luxury mountain cabin with a strict multiday beauty regimen that includes aromatherapy massa

ges, lavender facials, reflexology foot treatments and body wraps that ensconce you in lavender and rose essences. Packages also include dinner at an Asheville restaurant and can be tailored for two people or a crowd (from $925 for two people).

For something more on the Eastern medicine side of the wellness equation, consider a healing and wellness retreat at the Chi Welln

ess Clinic in Asheville, which aims to cultivate and enhance your body's innate healing instincts for improved health, happiness and overall spiritual harmony. The program includes visits to local organic farms (where you'll participate in organic farming activities and even pick some vegetables for dinner), Chinese tea ceremonies, cooking classes and a program of stretching, breathing techniques and meditation meant to heal conditions such as fatigue and weight issues from the inside out. You'll stay at a historic farmhous

e and mountaintop lodge on the grounds of a 4.5-acre organic farm that specializes in Chinese herbs.

Can't you just feel the good health vibes and inner glow already?

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Cardio is short for cardiovascular, which refers to the heart. Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated for a period of time. Another name for it is aerobic exercise. The kinds of exercise that are associated with cardiovascular workouts are things like jogging, fast walking, and swimming where there is no break in the routine. Exercises that stop and start, like Pilates, are generally not considered cardio exercise, though Pilates can be done in a cardio way, and can certainly be combined with cardio workouts to great effect.

What Are the Benefits of Cardio Training?

1. Gives Energy to the Body
You can expect more energy and higher endurance after some time of
regular cardio training.

2. Prevents Diseases
One could prevent heart diseases with regular cardio training. It is also helpful in preventing other variety of diseases like diabetes, obesity and even high cholesterol. The cardiovascular training strengthens the heart and the lungs. The low to moderated type of cardio exercises are required for people seeking to prevent diseases.
Examples of these are walking, brisk walking or jogging.

3. Control Your Weight
With cardio training, you are able to burn more calories.
This will help one who needs to lose weight. While those
who already achieved their ideal body mass, the training will make it
easier to control the weight.
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White Stuff In Your Nose?

Tame Your Allergies
Rinsing your nose with salt water can help keep you healthy and ward off allergy symptoms. Nasal irrigation is a cheap and easy way to find relief if you have spring allergies, nasal congestion, stuffy noses or post-nasal drip, says Dr. Melissa Pynnonen, co-director of the Michigan Sinus Center and an assistant professor in the University of Michigan's department of otolaryngology. Read this and more health tips.

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The Neccesity of Weight Training


Our society loves beauty. The most beautiful bodies are symmetrical, lean and firm. So why are most women starving themselves and spending hours on cardio machines trying to be skinny? Lack of knowledge! Most women don’t understand the importance of weight training and how it can help shape their bodies into fat burning machines.The more strong active muscles you have the more fat your body will burn. Remember, muscle burns fat! Read more..... By: Maggie Pawelek | 26/10/2008

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Eat healthy - Reduce belly fat


Adagio Teas
Green Tea Reduces Belly Fat
Research shows up to 76% less belly fat with green tea*
A preliminary (*Zheng, 2004) animal study showed that the
chemicals from daily green tea could prevent up to 76% of intraperitoneal (belly) fat. Researchers in Japan tested mice for 16 weeks with the following diets to compare a control diet alone with green tea and isolated green tea chemicals: Read More... Article by:


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Healthy fit woman provides exercise and health advice and products for women.



Yoga’s primary emphasis is upon general well-being. Although yoga has been shown to be beneficial in a variety of conditions, it is not considered a therapy for specific illnesses. Rather, yoga employs abroad holistic approach that focuses on teaching people a new lifestyle, way of thinking, and way of being in the world. In the process, however, it is also found to bring a myriad of healing effects. By attending to practices for improving, regaining or retaining general good health, a person is likely to find that some of his more specific difficulties tend to disappear. Many of the healing effects of yoga is clinically verified. We will look at the healing effects of yoga. However, one of the most important benefit of yoga is its application in relieving stress, fatigue, invigoration and vitality and its anti-aging properties and its application for relaxation therapy.Read More.... by Nirmala | 22/09/2008 | Anti Aging

The FIRM: FIRM Power Yoga with Kirsten Strohecker Stretch and Strengthen with The FIRM (35)FIRM Power Yoga will sculpt your upper body, abs, hips, thighs and buttocks while stretching your muscles for a lithe, toned body. Relieve the stress in achy joints, gain greater mobility, energize and re-focus with FIRM Power Yoga!

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Check out this website. It's called Dancing Chi Yoga and it has great information on yoga types, posses etc. Enjoy!

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Healthy fit woman provides exercise and health advice and products for women.

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Oral Sex - Linked To Throat Cancer

HEALTHY FIT WOMAN -Find a Healthy You
Healthy fit woman provides exercise and health advice and products for women.

Ladies..... I must share this finding with you. I first saw this on Good Morning America and I had to make sure to get this information in the open. I remember waking up and seeing a story of a woman who had a persistent itchy soar throat that would not subside. She went to the doctor and told her that she had HPV in her throat which lead to throat cancer. Her doctor told her that it was most likely attributed to Oral Sex.

I am no expert, and I do not claim to be, but what people don't understand is that HPV is passed from woman to woman through a man. Men can not tell when they have been infected with this, so they don't know that they are passing it along. I can not tell you how many times that I have heard of a girl getting "cancer cells" removed from their cervix -- not understanding why. They were in committed relationships or so they thought, and most women in long term committed relationships don't use condoms. Therefore, HPV can be passed through a cheating boyfriend, or a boyfriend who got it from a previous relationship/encounter. Testing for HPV in men is not really standard and it's harder to do .

Another interesting thing about this headline, it that men get throat cancer more than women and I think I read something that said the the rise in the disease went up in the lat 1970's. Porn movement perhaps? I mean -- porn was very up and coming that time and maybe oral sex became more "out there" and openly practiced more? Not sure. I could be wrong. But since men seem to be drawn to it like animals, I can see how they would get it more.

I posted an article on my website. I will post it here for you to see as well. Please ladies, protect yourselves ok.

"I Didn't Know that..."

HPV Linked to Throat Cancer Oral Sex Is Major Risk Factor HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer, is also linked to throat cancer, and oral sex is a major risk factor for both men and women, new research shows. Read more......

My Old Knees or Bad Running Shoes?

HEALTHY FIT WOMAN -Find a Healthy You
Healthy fit woman provides exercise and health advice and products for women.

Ok -- I am not that old really. Have not hit 30 yet (30 is not old by the way). I have always hated running do to its quickness to induce my asthma. I seem to get a little bit more out of my workouts as far as longevity and leg toning when I walk. Well, one day I was doing my 4.1 mph speed walk and decided to do a little jog. The jog turned into a run and I just kept doing it and I repeated this through the week. Running became enjoyable. I gave myself the weekend to rest and went out to jog again on Monday, only... when I went to run, my knees would not lift up. It felt like I had bone rubbing against bone. It was awful. I'm thinking to myself, "maybe I was not meant to run", or "maybe I have early degeneration of the knees", or what if my shoes are bad? I also thought, "Wait! if George W. Bush and Bill Clinton could get up and run every morning during their presidencies, I should be able to run daily too. I then bought some Glucosamine with Chondrointin, in a joint health formula. I've heard that it is good for building a cushion between joints. I started taking it and I began to feel better. I mean..granted, I was not running for fear of damage to my joints, but I have to say that I could walk without feeling that stiffness. I'm still not sure if it was the Glucosamine with Chondrointin, or just the fact that I gave myself a rest. I'm thinking that since it's been about a month, I can give it a try -- I mean with my new cushioned joints and all. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pair of running shoes?

Stay tuned. I'll update on my running experience. By the way -- I've heard it said that studies of the longest living communities in the world, i.e. tribes and groups, do not run. Running breaks down the body very fast and apparently, not running is how they maintain their longevity.

I found this Joint Formula.

Joint Formula


    Joint Advance is a unique advanced formula especially created with you in mind. There are many joint supplements on the market today. But Joint Advance is ahead of all of them because it has so many all-natural herbal ingredients.